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MISHKA.pl is a creative agency born out of our passion for film and all things visual. After nearly a decade in operation, we have expanded our offerings to include full-service marketing support. We work to find the best form, create an effective strategy, and execute it consistently. With our help, your brand will be presented to the world in an unconventional way. Together, we turn even the most daring ideas into reality.

Film production

We specialize in film production, creating videos for large campaigns across all communication channels, as well as small ones directed at social media. Our range of services related to film production includes managing all stages of the project, from creating concepts and writing treatments and scripts, to preparing storyboards, organizing the crew, executing the plan, and advanced post-production. This allows us to provide comprehensive service to our clients and deliver high-quality products tailored to their individual needs.

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If you want to effectively tell the story of your company or product, it’s worth investing in animation. With animation, conveying information becomes easier and more accessible to the audience. Our company specializes in creating animations that grab attention and encourage people to use your products or services. We will develop an animation for you that presents the way your product or service works in a clear and interesting way for the customer. We create animated films tailored to television, the internet, and social media, allowing for effective promotion.

2d ◦ stop motion ◦ animated commercials ◦ product animation ◦ businnes animation ◦ explainer video ◦ logo animation ◦ shorts

Photo shoots

Our company specializes in advertising photography, in which we always prioritize close communication with the client and a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements. Based on the brief, we create the final concept that takes into account the type of photos, their target format and placement, budget, time of production, and location of the session – whether in a studio or outdoors. Photography is faster to produce than film, which allows for flexible adaptation to changes in the industry and modification of the brand communication strategy. With our photos, a brand can tell the story of its products or services in a simple and accessible way, effectively reaching a specific target audience. Advertising photography also allows for building valuable relationships with customers, which positively affects the brand’s image.

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Graphic design

We offer comprehensive customer service, in which we create elaborate visual identities, creative marketing campaigns, and graphics and illustrations for social media. Combining fine art with functionality is our top priority. We approach each project individually, adapting the form and style to effectively reach the target audience while maintaining the highest quality. Our unconventional creations are based on the client’s needs and provide excellent marketing results.

visual branding ◦ logo ◦ social media campaigns ◦ illustrations ◦ DTP

Social media

Our company specializes in creating consistent strategies and innovative and effective promotional solutions on social media. We conduct paid campaigns, the results of which speak for themselves. We build communication strategies that we adjust to the specifics of the brand and the client’s vision. We deal with both content creation and moderation. We focus on creative texts and refined visuals that attract the attention of the audience. Our quick responsiveness allows us to respond rapidly to market changes and needs. We cooperate with clients at every stage of the process to ensure maximum satisfaction with our services.

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