About Project

Inspired with sweet pastries, friendly atmosphere and pastel interiors we created consistent visual language for social media perfectly fitting Plan. It shows on polished up photographs affecting senses. Regulars captured in enjoying delicious coffee intertwine with carefully thought shots of blueberry buns and tasty cakes close-ups.

While taking care of brand’s social media we also had special task. We wanted to sweeten  the time of covid-19 lockdown and make informations about hygene bring a smile upon face.

That’s how an animation sweet as Plan’s pastries was born. Although clients were not able to spend time inside of café itself, we managed to share some of it’s spirit through specific style of animation and script. We decided not only to include necessary information but also to insipire people to take care and be kind to each other during those hard times. We added to it a pinch of humor and it turned out it was a recipe for success! 


Everyone who has ever been to Plan knows, that Mania vel Fufu is regular there. Drawing dogs and recreating their motion is our’s work creme de la creme. It’s stylized after retro French cartoons, that is why we added stop-motion animation to computer one. Its unique climate combined with original illustrations is a cherry on top!